Andrew McWilliams is a British-born technology artist exploring evolving relationships between materiality, sensation and presence. His multidisciplinary practice spans installation, sound, light and video, software engineering, physical computing and interaction design.

Since 2010, McWilliams has exhibited at New York Museum of Arts & Design, AlphaVille (London), Freemote (Netherlands), ThoughtWorks (New York), and Jaaga Creative Common Ground (Bangalore, India). He has attended residencies at the Contemporary Artist Center (New York), the I-Park Foundation (Connecticut), and Jaaga (India).

As part of his work, McWilliams is an active community organiser, co-founding the Hardware Hack Lab, and running the Volumetric Society of New York and Agile Culture New York, and running hackathons and creative workshops.

"Experience unites all of us, but the way in which we experience is individual and unique. My work is an exploration of experience - as a meeting place of physical media, ephemeral algorithms and time-based evolution, gathered around the temporarily stable fulcra of ideas."

"Advances in technology are only iterations on media. Today's technology is tomorrow's antique. Materiality, sensation and presence always remain core components of human experience. My work is driven by experience, as expressed by assemblages of the recently possible."