Still from the audio/visual installation Long (2012)

Still from installation Long (2012), at Contemporary Artist Center


Andrew McWilliams is a British-born, New York-based independent artist, technologist, and program director. Exploring relationships between materiality, sensation and presence, his practice spans installation, sound, light, video and software engineering.

McWilliams has exhibited work at Jaaga Creative Common Ground (India), AlphaVille Festival of Post-Digital Culture (UK), and the Freemote Co-Creation Festival (Netherlands). He has been awarded residencies at Contemporary Artist Center (USA), I-Park Foundation (USA), on the Jaaga Residency Program (India), and run workshops at the School for Poetic Computation (New York).

McWilliams is founder and director of Art-A-Hack, a biannual co-creation program in New York, and founder and director of Hardware Hack Lab, a weekly arts/technology community workshop. He is also a program coordinator with the Volumetric Society, which aims to broaden the conversation between technology and the arts through public presentations and events.


I see my work as interventions which undercut the things we take for-granted just by being human. Our daily experience is composed of a continuous, constructed network of mental signs which govern our perception. Using technology as a medium, I create sensory environments which seek to question - and alter - how we navigate, make sense of, and relate to the world.

The form of these installations can be assemblages of canvass, found objects or materials, combined with projected sound, video or light. My work is time-based but usually non-repeating, employing software engineering techniques to generate behavior on-the-fly.

These environments are neither representative nor abstract. Instead they are better characterized as experiential interplays between ideas. I am trying to get to an earlier, pre-or-early conscious stage, in which form, color, texture and emotion trigger new ideas prior to attachment to an existing mental network.